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Monday, July 14, 2008

Reveal Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks

It's a good practice not to use the same password on everything. This is because if your ONLY password falls in the wrong hands, the next thing you know is you won't be able to access anything at all. Imagine you loose access to your Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Internet Bank account and etc within a day! You'll go crazy loosing all your contacts and you know someone is having a great time reading all your personal emails.

For me, I use different password for softwares/websites and most of it is saved on my laptop for easy access. Problem is, if you use too many different passwords, sometimes we tend to forget the password that we set for the software or website. If the password is saved, you can easily use a tool to show the password hidden under the asterisk *******

I am sure many of you remember "SnadBoy's Revelation" but unfortunately it doesn't support showing passwords hidden under asterisks in web pages. So I won't be recommending this tool because I know a better one.

Asterisk Key shows passwords hidden under asterisks. It is able to instantly uncover hidden passwords on password dialog boxes and web pages. The setup is less than 500KB and it works perfectly.

Reveal hidden password in Google Talk (Software)

Reveal hidden password in Internet Explorer (Web Page)

Both Google Talk and Internet Explorer is active. I then launch Asterisk Key and click the "Recover" button. Within a second, Asterisk Key shows the passwords hidden under asterisks.

Just a word of advice, please use this tool to recover your OWN password. If you get caught in using this tool to steal people's password, you can get into serious trouble. Treat this tool as a useful recovery too instead of hacking tool.

Note: Asterisk Key doesn't reveal password hidden under asterisk in Firefox browser.

Download Asterisk Key

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